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About Us

The Fire and Rescue Team is an artist led performance collective, co-founded and led by theatre artists Alex Bulmer and Leah Cherniak.

We bring our combined artistic interests and sensibilities to our work.

Alex has a background in artistic adaptation, writing and music, finds creative momentum in the improbable, and creates within the disruptive uncertainty of blindness.

Leah has a history of directing – making theatre where improvisation is an impetus in the rehearsal process which values rhythm, invention and uncertainty.

They share a rigour for analysis and language, an attraction to risk, and the playful subversion of audience expectations.

The emergence of Fire and Rescue as a collective evolved following a number of projects that explored the idea of de-centering vision from a creative process.


For Perceptual Archaeology: A Blind-led Digital Space and for our upcoming show, we have grown to include many brilliant key artists and arts workers, including:

Laura Philipps - Laura is a producer and production manager of theatre, dance and multimedia works. She is passionate about innovating creative processes and integrating responsive technology into live performance.

Megan Wilk - Megan is a producer and program manager working with artists and arts organizations to develop disability arts frameworks and centre accessibility.

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