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Privacy Policy

By participating in Sound Creatures, you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy.


Fire and Rescue Team Privacy Policy


We only collect the necessary information to apply proper credit to creative material. Users may choose to submit their first and/or last names to be included for credit. If you do not provide a name, your submission will be credited as anonymous. Your name and email address will be stored in our private Google Drive cloud storage and accessed only by members of the collective.

By emailing you are consenting to receive email communications about the Perceptual Archaeology Digital Art Space and the stage production Perceptual Archaeology (or How To Travel Blind).

By submitting creative material to, you are agreeing that both the original creator and Fire and Rescue Team have an unlimited mutual use license for either party to use the creative material for free in perpetuity. There will be no monetary compensation for use of the creative material.

Fire and Rescue Team will publish creative material at where it will be available for website visitors to experience from any location.

Fire and Rescue Team will make best efforts to ensure that creative material on is only used by Fire and Rescue Team, however cannot guarantee that a website visitor will not be able to download the creative material.

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